Clinton County Women’s Center Youth Advocate

The CCWC Youth Advocate helps our clients’ dependent children in need of assistance regarding domestic violence and sexual assault.  Adult services are always available.

We provide individual services to children, rather than Support Groups.
Meetings are at the CCWC and within the Keystone Central school district as well.  The youth advocate and other staff are on hand to accompany clients to any appointments regarding domestic violence and sexual assault as an additional support system.

The Youth Advocate deals with issues such as:
Self Esteem
Anger Management
Effects of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Safety Planning
Options Counseling

The goals of the Youth Advocate are to spread awareness and provide ongoing support to individuals experiencing dating relationships, dating violence, sexually transmitted infections, bullying, budgeting advice and much more.

All Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

Voice your concerns, ask for help
If you are interested in the services of the Youth Advocate or in need our services please call the Hotline:

(570) 748 9509

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