Clinton County Women’s Center Legal Advocate

At the shelter, a Legal Advocate is available to assist with legal options and to provide information concerning Protection from Abuse orders, also known as a PFA’s.  Our main goal is to help keep you safe:

What is a Protection from Abuse Order?

1. Emergency Order (After hours and Weekends)
   You must make a call to the Communications Center (570-748-2936) and ask for the District Magistrate on-call.
   The Magistrate will meet you at his office to hear the complaint.
   If awarded, the PFA would be in effect until the next business day the Court House is open.
2. Temporary Order
   You will need to complete a Pro-Se order form available at the Court House.  The Judge will review and sign the order (to his discursions).
   The order is in effect until the final hearing.
3. Final Hearing
   You will have to give testimony before the County Judge.
   If awarded, the PFA would be in effect for 1-3 years.

How can the Clinton County Women’s Center (CCWC) help with PFA’s?

1. CCWC staff can sit with you and talk about options and safety.
   We can provide the necessary paperwork or the Pro-Se PFA paperwork and enter it onto the Protection from Abuse Database system.
2. CCWC staff can accompany you to the court house.
3. CCWC staff can assist in obtaining legal representation for the final PFA hearing.  If funds allow.
4. CCWC staff can accompany you to the final hearing.
5. CCWC staff can attend hearings with you if criminal charges are associated with the PFA.
6. CCWC staff will support you and the decisions you make.

Remember your life is worth saving!


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